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InterLocked PVC Covered Flexible Metal Conduit  ( YF-707IN ) InterLocked PVC Coated Flexible Metal Conduit

Vacuum jacketed flexible steel conduit for high-flex installations (VJC)
*Galvanized steel strip core  (interlocked for higher strength) *PVC Covered 
*1/4"~6" trade size *Water-tight pvc jacketed conduit pvc jacketed conduit

This PVC jacketed flexible metallic conduit is suitable for use in both static applications where a tight bend diameter is needed and in dynamic use such as machining centers and robotics.

PVC Vacuum Jacketed Flexible Steel Conduit,InterLocked PVC Coated Flexible Metal Conduit

  • A unique vacuum extrusion process allows this flexible metal conduit to have a thin PVC jacket which does not restrict the great flexibility characteristics of the inner core. 
  • Flexible metallic conduit with PVC jacket:
    *PVC jacket (VJC) provides water proof. Suitable for Industry Machinery.
    Durable and long life.
    *Inner core made from  corrosion resistant galvanized steel strip.
    *Interlocked profile for more strength.


  • Applications:
    Appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, industrial equipments,
    medical devices, machineries, general wire conduits, air conditioning,  heating and ventilation

    For halogen free conduit, please refer to ZERO HALOGEN type:
    Low smoke,halogen free LSHF-707.
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    With wire over-braid for abrasion resistant or EMI screening. 

    >>> Model YF-704

    Overbraided flexible metal conduit,Liquid Resistant,EMI shield

    Braided Flexible metal conduit, water proof
    refer to Braided Conduit System for heavy industry

Liquid tight connectors with PG or Metric Thread,    All metal connector
Connectors with PG or Metric threads           YABS, All metal connector for high temperature
Flexible Steel Conduit with SS wire overbraid for high temperature wiring
Overbraided Flexible steel conduit

For higher IP rating applications

Liquid-tight flexible metal conduit

 Model YF-706  Model YF-806
Liquid tight flexible metal conduit with Nylon cord packing InterLocked Liquid tight Flexible Metal Conduit





Machine Grey liquid-tight flexible steel conduit is used extensively in the machine tools. 
Grey Liquid-tight Metallic Conduit

Stainless Steel Hose For Instruments Stainless steel constructions
Small bore flexible conduit
Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel conduit designed primarily for OEM applications, armouring in specialty sensing devices, or medical equipment, including fiber-optics.

InterLocked PVC Covered Flexible Metal Conduitmodels YAB & YABR high quality liquid tight connectors for Industry Wirings
This PVC covered flexible steel conduit is suitable for use in both static applications where a tight bend diameter is needed and in dynamic use such as machining centers and robotics. This conduit is designed with dimensions that will accept standard liquid tight connectors. For increased water tightness, models YAB & YABR high quality liquid tight connectors are highly recommended. Suitable for
Machine Cable Conduit.

INTERLOCKEDpvc jacketed conduit

Type Trade
I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Min. Bending Radius (mm) Meter/Coil
Min. Max. Min. Max.
YF-70701-IN - 7.8 8.2 11.2 11.6 50 100
YF-70702-IN 1/4" 9.7 10.2 14.0 14.5 50 100
YF-70703-IN 3/8" 12.3 12.8 16.7 17.2 50 50
YF-70704-IN 1/2" 15.7 16.3 20.2 20.7 65 50
YF-70706-IN 3/4" 20.7 21.2 25.5 26.1 75 50
YF-70710-IN 1" 26.0 26.6 31.6 32.2 100 50
YF-70712-IN 1-1/4" 34.7 35.4 40.8 41.5 125 30
YF-70714-IN 1-1/2" 40.0 40.6 46.6 47.2 150 25
YF-70720-IN 2" 51.3 51.9 58.1 58.7 175 20
YF-70724-IN 2-1/2" 62.9 63.6 72.1 73.0 200 10
YF-70730-IN 3" 77.9 78.7 87.9 88.9 225 10
YF-70740-IN 4" 101.6 102.6 113.2 114.3 275 10
YF-70750-IN 5" 125.0 127.0 137.0 139.5 300 5
YF-70760-IN 6" 150.0 153.0 162.0 165.0 400 5

with anodized black connector Vacuum jacketed flexible metal conduits for high-flex installations

*All sizes and dimensions listed above are subject to manufacturing tolerances. flexible metallic
*Standard Packaging: Shrink wrapped coil. Other custom packaging methods or of longer length is possible upon request and our approval.
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Suitable connectors ( LT Metal Connectors )

Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL) Aluminum connectors (BLACK) Aluminum connectors (RED) Straight (US style) 90 degrees (US style) straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) swage fittings Stainless steel combination (internal thread) combination (set-screw)