Installing Flexible Conduits and Fittings, Liquidtight Metal Conduit System Connects flexible conduits to electrical boxes
Flexible conduits and fittings installation is simple. The fitting screws easily onto the conduit,without the need for special tools. The fitting can be removed and re-used again at any time. The fitting also performs excellently against severe vibration. In tests, the fittings have been shown to be extremely secure and guarantee a high level of security and reliability.

Flexible conduits and fittings installation

Installing Flexible Conduits and Fittings

Standard Threads: PF (EXTERNAL)   Other Avaialble Threads: PG , METRIC , NPT , INTERNAL THREADS

  Low Voltage Fittings:

  • Metallic connectors offering liquid-tight connections:
    *Connecting the flexible conduits to electrical boxes, enclosures
    and machineries housings. 

    Shrink wrapped packaging
    Standard Packaging:
    Shrink Wrapped Coil
    braided flexible conduit

    Professional Manufacturing &
    Quality Products

    braided flexible conduit
    OEM & ODM
  • Over braided flexible steel conduit is particularly used in (mechanical) critical situations, such as machine-building, steel works but also in transport systems and security.
    BRAIDED Flexible metallic conduit,water proof,EMI shielding
    : YF-704
    Braided flexible conduits protect cables on machining, welding or heavy plant.

Flexible Liquid Tight Metal Conduit






Flexible, sleek, with increased IP ratings, Liquid-tight flexible metallic conduit (LFMC) is suitable for use in a variety of environments and applications from general purpose wiring in wet or damp locations, to direct burial and in concrete embedment, to raised computer room floors and site lighting jobs.

Flexible Metal Conduit Connectors & Fittings Delikon produces a whole range of high quality metallic connectors and fittings for connecting flexible metal conduit to a box or enclosure, or coupling a flexible conduit to an EMT.

   Straight (US style)

   90 degrees (US style)