Oil Resistant Braided Flexible Conduit

Shielded Extremely Oil Resistant Metal Over Braided Flexible Rubber Conduit
Model: WNS, ORC
These braided flexible conduits have the highest oil, coolant and solvent resistant rubber jacket for control and power applications in an industrial environment, designed for use in all electrical equipment in dry, damp and wet conditions. The Stainless steel braid provides EMC shielding and abrasion resistant.

Recommended Applications:
For Machinery: CNC machining centers, Grinding machines, Bottling equipment, Conveyors, Processing equipment, Assembly lines and Control panels

Application Advantages:
* Extremely oil resistant (Oil Res I & II)
* Excellent protection for industrial power and control cable
* Very flexible for easy routing and terminating
* Stainless steel braid provides EMC shielding and abrasion resistance.

Oil resistant electrical flexible conduit, metal overbraided
Oil Resistant Flexible Conduit is especially suitable for wiring machine
tools, hydraulic presses and other types of industrial equipments,
which are subjected to moisture from coolant, oils and fluids.


*Wire over-braiding provides more abrasion resistant and EMI shielding.
*Durable and long life.
*Inner core made from oil resistant materials.
Whole Range Of Braided Conduits Provide Essential EMC Protection

Best for industrial machineries. Also for industrial environments where higher abrasion resistance or EMC screening are required.

Braided Flexible Metal Conduit System

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