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Electrical flexible conduit systems
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Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduit  FLEXIBLE EMC SCREENING  Offshore Applications  High Temperature 

A galvanized flexible steel conduit with stainless steel overbraid, making it particularly suitable for petro-chemical and heavy industrial applications. The overbraiding provides efficient EMC screening capability, which is rated at 60 dB at 1mHz. These braided flexible metal conduits are also well suited to applications within hazardous areas, Defense, Industry Automation, Food and Healthcare industries. braided flexible conduit

All 3 models of braided flexible steel conduits
Braided flexible metal conduit for industry wirings
Over braided flexible steel conduit
is particularly used in (mechanical) critical situations, such as machine-building, steel works but also in transport systems and security.

It is excellent in protecting cables against metal particles and against vandalism or rodents.

  YF-704 (IP54)

  YF-705 (

  SM-70001 (
Construction & Features
Braided flexible metal conduits are manufactured with metal wire over braiding, providing high mechanical strength and offering high flexibility. These flexible conduits, at full extension offer high tensile strength without elongation thus protection cables from being over-tensioned or stretched. These flexible conduits also provide a high level of EMI screening for data cables.
Braided flexible metal conduit is used for applications requiring high mechanical strength and flexibility. The overbraid will protect the inner conduit from damage caused by hot swarf or abrasion.
Factory Automation Wirings
3 Models Of Different IP Ratings Provide Complete Wiring Solutions    Industry Solutions
This system affords high compression and crush strength as well as impact resistance. There are 3 models in the the Braided system range:
YF-704 (IP54) YF-705 (IP67) SM-70001 (IP40)
Robotics Spot Welding Line Wirings Auto Paint Spray Lines Wirings (Hazardous Locations) For automatic welding line wirings (lots of hot metal splashes)
Factory Automation Wirings, Industry Hazardous Locations Wirings, Welding Line Wirings, Robotics Wirings

Overbraided metallic system : All these 3 models have abrasion protection, hot metal splash resistant, high pull off strength and offers EMI/RFI screening. These metal wire over braided conduits also permit traditional wiring solutions in shielding applications, providing an alternative to costly, specialized shielded cable assemblies.

Steel braided flexible conduit is ideal for tight spot applications where high protection is required against sparks and hot swarfs. Steel braided flexible conduits are ideal for tight spot applications where high protection is required against sparks and hot swarfs.

They are also used to counter mechanical stress and is highly flexible, and they are resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure. Most suitable for steel mills and other industry wirings.

Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit flex sheath for protection of industrial electrical cables against water, oil, grease, solvents, and the outer braiding provides protection against hot metal sparks and slag.

Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Conduit Fittings for industry cables management
Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Conduit Fittings for industry cables management
overbraided flexible conduit systems from Delikon offer a choice of a whole range of sizes and constructions to provide the best solution for the most demanding applications.

Delikon over braided flexible conduit systems protect vulnerable cabling on metal machining, welding or heavy plant where abrasion, spillage and increased temperature are all serious operational considerations. They also satisfy arduous demands on railway rolling stock and on essential trackside applications, such as signaling and communications cables protection.
 Braided Flexible Steel Conduit, Water Proof      IP54         Model: YF-704

Overbraided,water proof

IP 54

 Braided Flexible Steel Conduit, LIQUID TIGHT     IP67        Model: YF-705
Overbraided,LIQUID TIGHT

IP 67
 Braided Flexible Steel Conduit, All Metallic      IP40        Model: SM-70001
Overbraided,ALL METALLIC



         IP 40

*High Temp.

Flexible Metal Conduit for Heavy Mechanical Stress --- This braided flexible steel conduit is designed with an spirally wound metal armor surrounded by a steel wire braid. This design makes it suitable for use under heavy mechanical stresses. Due to the temperature resistance, braided steel conduit is also recommended for use where conduit is exposed to extreme heat. Braided steel conduit has high tensile, twisting and bending strength, while offering high flexibility.

 Overbraided flexible conduits are particularly suitable for installation in abrasive environments.

Braided conduit system

      Braided Flexible Electrical Conduit Systems
typically used for machineries and petrochemical industrial cable protection
*1/4"~4" trade size *EMI shielding *Resists hot metal splashes emi shieled conduit
Comprises a standard conduit construction, with metallic overbraid.braided flexible conduit

Braided conduit system


High Quality Liquid-tight connectors   High Quality Liquid-tight connectors

Suitable for airport wirings,industry automation...

*Railway rolling stock    *Heavy duty industrial cable management applications   *Sensitive Cables

braided flexible conduit emi shieled conduit

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Electrical braided flexible small ID metal conduits

for wiring harness used in automobiles, fiber optics, and industries applications.
Metal wire over-braidedBraided Small ID Metal Conduit

    Stainless Steel Conduit, Steel Overbraid
High tensile strength metal wires are tightly braided onto the AT-SL small bore flexible metal tubing for optimum protection of cables. It provides increased abrasion resistant, improved EMI screening, and resists hot temperatures. Most suitable for Automobile wiring harness.